Google changed the Play Market rules to combat obsessive advertising in apps and clones of popular products

Google changed the Play Market rules to combat obsessive advertising in apps and clones of popular p

Google announced a number of changes to the rules for interaction with the Play Market digital content platform for application developers. The changes are aimed at combating hard advertising, clones of popular applications, collection of user data via VPN, etc.

One of the most notable changes in the rules of the Play Market store is advertising. Developers are not allowed to display inter-page announcements of any format that comes out suddenly, such as when a user performs a non-advertisement activity. You also have to give up advertising during a game at the beginning of a level or when you show another content block.

The ban included a full-screen video ad that goes up to the application's download screen, as well as full-screen inter-page announcements of any format that the user cannot close after 15 seconds of view. These innovations will come into effect on 30 September 2022.

As of 31 August 2022, applications that mislead users by impersonating other products without reference to the original cannot be used by developers; badges, descriptions, names and other elements that may mislead users are prohibited; in addition, the publication of annexes containing statements on medical subjects that are misleading and contrary to recognized medical facts or likely to cause harm is prohibited.

Since 31 August, it has been prohibited to use VPN services to collect personal and confidential user data without disclosure and consent. It is not possible to re-direct and manipulate user traffic from other applications on the device for the purpose of monetization, as well as to manage advertisements that can affect monetization in the applications. From 1 November, the requirements for the use of FLAG_SECURE, which limits the display of confidential data in the annex, will change. The applications distributed through the Play Market will have to take into account the presence of this flag in other software products on user devices.

For more information on the upcoming changes to the Play Market rules, please visit Google's support page.