Growded's Microworld Survival Simulator will be out of early access on 27 September

Growded's Microworld Survival Simulator will be out of early access on 27 September

On September 27, 2022, the game manager Adam Brenneke announced the exact date in a video to mark the second anniversary of the release.

At the same time, the latest update, Home Stretch, became available on public test servers before the final release.

Main innovations and changes in patches:

  • The possibility of converting any sessions into sessions with user settings at any given time and changing various parameters; the convenient import of Steam conservation into Microsoft Store; the new pet is a mosquito; the accelerated rest; the moving robot BURG.L; the individual cooking building and the ability to engage in cooking at earlier stages of the game; the modification of the armor and weapon improvement system: pumping now requires a unique limited resource that can be found in the yard, interface, optimization, animation, sound and accessibility settings, as well as a variety of bug corrections.

The upgrade of 1.0 will be the largest of those released and will offer a complete storyteller campaign that can be run alone or with friends, a new large location — the top yard, new recipes, weapons, secrets and boss — a giant Goddess, and the developers warned that after the final version of the game, the players could lose progress.

Last week, Obsidian Entertainment announced the production of a cartoon based on Grounded, directed by Brian Goodrich and Earthworth Jim: Byond the Grovy.

Grounded was released in early access to Steam, Microsoft Store and Xbox One on July 28, 2020. At the same time, the game appeared in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, and in November of the same year, the simulation was improved for the Xbox Series X and S. In the first two days, it attracted more than a million users on all platforms, and in February 2022 the audience exceeded 10 million people.