Twitter increased the cost of premium subscriptions for new users

Twitter increased the cost of premium subscriptions for new users

Although most people use Twitter free of charge, last year's Twitter Blue subscriptions for some countries, providing additional functions for those who are willing to pay $2.99 a month in the United States, in other countries prices are calculated in national currencies. Now subscribers have been informed that the price has risen to $4.9.

While the price is relatively low and will not waste those who wish to take advantage of some additional opportunities, many may wonder whether additional functionality is worth even a small cost at all. Among the things available for ready-to-payers are both useful functions, such as the ability to remove already sent tweets within the first 30 seconds, as well as the ordinary ones, such as the ability to select different icons of the application or those whose usefulness is in question, for example, the ability to apply hexagonal NFT avatars in a profile.

In a letter to the users, the Twitter Blue team states that the increase in fees and , as well as .

It is noteworthy that the letter does not mention a potential buyer, Ilon Mask, who is accused by the company of falling revenues in the second quarter of a year, and now Mask is struggling to avoid a $44 billion deal, and it is unlikely that the parties will be able to break up peacefully.

It is known that only new subscribers will have to pay a higher price for the time being. Those who have signed earlier will continue to pay $2.99 until October and will be able to cancel at least 30 days before the new rules come into effect.

In order to keep followers on the hook, the company promises new functions developed on Twitter Blue Labs, which are likely to be available on the social media, for example, to edit Twitter that has already been published, and the development of such a feature has long been announced.