EI, created by engineers, offers alternative laws of physics

EI, created by engineers, offers alternative laws of physics

What if whole areas of the universe are not transparent to us just because we see them wrong? The engineers decided to "interrogate" the machine learning system about certain laws of physics, and there were amazing results.

"I've always wondered if we met an intelligent alien race, if they discovered the same laws of physics as us, or could they describe the universe differently?"

As scientists point out, observation and understanding of variables have always preceded the creation of great physical theories. ", notes, for example, Hod Lipson, so it is reasonable to assume that physical phenomena can only remain inaccessible to us because we have not yet understood the rules of their functioning. "

To conduct the experiment, scientists first fed their program with raw video recordings of already well-identified phenomena, for example, they provided him with a video recording of a rolling double pendulum that is known to have exactly four "shift states"

It took a few hours of analysis to get the answer to the question "": 4.7. "", Hod Lipson describes. This is where it's complicated for researchers.

Data that do not match any variable

The four variables defined by the program weren't consistent with anything known. Only two of them could be vaguely aligned with the shoulder angle. ", explains Boyuan Chen. But the team was convinced that the program had found the right set of four variables because they proved that their predictions were correct. So they concluded that they simply couldn't understand the "mathematic language" used by their creation.

Then they went on to test a number of physical systems known to them, and then to supply IE with videos for which they did not know the exact "responses." The dancing wind in front of a used car park where the program found eight variables, a lava lamp that also gave 8 variables, and a fireplace that gave 24 variables. The question remains what exactly these variables correspond to. Can they be the key to the new principles of physics?

"" says scientists.