See how there are several storms on Jupiter

See how there are several storms on Jupiter

The image was made when the mission overflew Jupiter 43 times on 5 July, when Juno flew over the planet at an altitude of 25,100 kilometres.

Storms that can be seen in the photograph can be about 50 km high and extend hundreds of kilometres.

If we can understand how these weather conditions are formed, we can learn a lot about Jupiter's atmosphet.

Each of Jupiter's poles has its own storms. There were six cyclones on the south pole, each of which is of a size comparable to the continental part of the United States. One cyclone is located in the middle and five around it in an almost perfect pentagon. All of them rotate clockwise.

The North Pole is even weirder, where scientists found nine storms, eight of which are located around one, all spinning counterclockwise.

And in the high-latitude regions, there are other vortexes around these polar clusters.