Nokia will help ASST SpaceMobile provide global satellite communications to users of conventional smartphones

Nokia will help ASST SpaceMobile provide global satellite communications to users of conventional sm

ASST SpaceMobile, which is building the first and so far only satellite network to provide broadband connectivity to the owners of conventional smartphones, has entered into a five-year deal with Nokia. Companies will join efforts to connect users in remote regions around the world. The first BlueWalker 3 test satellite is scheduled to be launched before the end of this year, in collaboration with a number of mobile operators.

According to ASST SpaceMobile, the integration of the Nokia AirScale system would make it possible to take an important step towards eliminating the "dead zones" of communications around the world for more than 5 billion subscribers and providing broadband access to the network to those who do not yet have it, which means that many smartphone users will be able to gain rapid communication without the acquisition of additional equipment, and the company has already entered into cooperative arrangements with mobile operators, which together account for more than 1.8 billion subscribers.

The equipment of Nokia AirScale Single RAN will enable ASST SpaceMobile to provide mobile services to new and existing users in regions not supported by terrestrial networks, as well as users on land and at sea and in flight. Nokia will provide equipment, including AirScale base stations on the latest ReefShark chipsets, as well as other technological solutions and technical support.

According to the representative of Nokia, in our day-to-day communications should be seen as a vital element of everyday activity, such as water, electricity or gas, everyone should have access to broadband services, and companies have reported that they have been working with ASST SpaceMobile on this initiative for two years.

ASST SpaceMobile plans to launch the low-orbit satellite BlueWalker 3 in early or mid-September, the equipment is designed to communicate directly with devices operating on approved 3GPP frequencies. In the future, the company intends to deploy about 100 satellites to provide wide global coverage. According to the representative of ASST SpaceMobile, Nokia will ensure not only the integration of its AirScale system, but also supports the project with dozens of engineers and other industry professionals.