Google postponed blocking the external cookie files until 2024

Google postponed blocking the external cookie files until 2024

Google announced an important change in the program of action. If the company had previously intended to give up external cookie files in the Chrome browser before the end of 2023, it now intends to reschedule, market participants repeatedly stated that they needed more time to evaluate Private Sandbox before the changes would come into effect.

A couple of years ago, Google announced the Private Sandbox initiative, which, among other things, was intended to replace the use of cookie files and other information-gathering mechanisms for users of Federal Learning of Cohors technology, allowing for browser-level classification of user preferences without sending personal information to Google servers. In doing so, FloC automatically assigns the user to one of the groups for subsequent advertising.

Advertisement in one form or another is extremely important for Google. It is known that only in the second quarter of 2022 did the company earn even more than it had planned. Cookie's side is extremely important for the display of digital advertising online. Of course, it is not always popular with users, but it is often simply necessary to display free content with promotional sponsors.

Google, whose business model is slightly less than fully built on the display of Targeted Advertisement, has offered Privacy Sandbox as a substitute for outside cookie files, in that the new technology is working, and the developers, publishers, marketers, and regulators want to see that they now have more time to evaluate.

Google reports that the company is expanding the trial time of Private Sandbox API, and developers can start testing. Early in August, Private Sandbox testing will be extended to millions of users, and in 2023, the number of participants will gradually increase. By the third quarter of 2023, API will be actively used in Chrome, and the side cookie files will no longer be supported in the browser in the second half of 2024.