EVGA valued the unusual open E1 computer building at $1,600

EVGA valued the unusual open E1 computer building at $1,600

The EVGA company reported that the E1's unconventional open computer building, introduced in January of this year, is ready for sale; the new one is offered in three versions; the most basic one, consisting only of the hull itself, as well as the installation kit for the vertical installation of the video map, is valued by the manufacturer at $1,600.

The second option, in addition to the building and installation set for the vertical installation of the video map, is the GeForce RTX 3090 Kingpin booster, as well as the EVGA T2 power supply unit with a capacity of 1,600 W. The company valued the kit at $3,700.

The third option, called Bare Bones, includes, in addition to the above, the Z690 Dark Kingpin motherboard, a special switch for the PowerLink 52u video card, and a bonus package.

The company notes that the bonus package, which is a plastic box, is offered free of charge with this package.

The high cost of EVGA E1 is due to materials that are used in it. The new frame is made of carbon fibre, the same as used for the production of supercars. It makes the EVGA E1 body very easy and at the same time very strong.

This is also an impressive innovation, thanks in large part to the suspension structure of the motherboard tray. The image is completed by analog temperature sensors of the GPU, the central processor and the system as a whole. This block is combined with the break-up panel. The latter consists of 3.5 mm audio exits for earphones and microphones, two USB 3.0 and USB Type-C.

The company notes that it will now have to wait between 3 and 4 weeks for those who have ordered the building to deliver it. The reason for the delay is that the EVGA does not explain. Perhaps with regard to the cost, the company produces each building on order. The remaining components are now available separately.