Ilon Mask's lawyers said Twitter sabotaged the trial preparations

Ilon Mask's lawyers said Twitter sabotaged the trial preparations

Ilon Mask's lawyers sent a letter to the Delaware Chancellor's Court stating that Twitter was hampering preparations for the trial, addressed to Judge Kathleen McCormick, who would have to decide whether Mask could refuse to buy the company, and the businessman's party also requested that the trial commence on 17 October.

Last week, Judge McCormick decided that the hearing would take place in October, and the Twitter side insisted that the trial should start as soon as possible, because the related speculation was damaging to the company.

In his letter, Mask's lawyers called on the judge to resolve three problems impeding the preparations for the hearing: first, the lack of a specific date for the commencement of the trial, which makes it impossible for them to agree with Twitter on any dates; the Social Network proposes to start the hearing on 10 October; and the Maska party wants an extra week; it is supposed to be decisive for them.

Second, Twitter does not provide them with the necessary documents that are easy to document. Third, the platform refuses to provide the "unprocessed data" that is needed by the Mask side by 1 August, probably referring to the so-called "brandstreet" of tweets or tapes of all social media publications.

Before the hearing begins, the parties will exchange legal documents on several occasions and file several motions against the judge, writing The Verge, and Ms. McCormick's conduct will make it possible to anticipate the outcome of the case.