2K Games resurrected the Evolve multiplayer – the peak online at Steam has grown more than ten times

2K Games resurrected the Evolve multiplayer – the peak online at Steam has grown more than ten times

In 2018, the Turtle Rock Studios designers shut down the selected asymmetric evolve servers, leaving only one-way connectivity, but this year it also disappeared. A few months later, 2K Games restored access to the multiplayer at the many requests of fans, after which the peak online at Steam grew more than ten times.

While Evolve has collected only a few dozen simultaneous users in Steam in recent years, the peak online began to grow in the middle of this month. On 22 July, the number exceeded 100, and in the last 24 hours it was 689. Thus, the shooter has returned to 2017–2018. It is worth noting that the game is now not available in stores and only available to those who have managed to buy it before the switch to a conditional model or download the Evolve Stage 2 version.

According to journalists Ars Technica, who managed to launch Evolve online, it is worth thanking the multiplayer community for returning to Discord. In the summer, 2K Games complained about the lack of access to the only way to play with friends, which requires an old version called Legacy Evolve. The publisher listened to requests and returned access to the piercing network, while at the same time the player selection system and containers with cosmetics items were published in Discord, but 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios did not make any official statements.

Evolve was released in February 2015 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Schooter received mixed reviews due to a lack of content and a large number of pay supplements. In July 2016, the game became a conditional free Evolve Page 2 with many improvements, attracting a million new PC users.

Despite the success, in October 2016, the authors reported that they had stopped working on Evolve, noting that the decision had been made by the publisher. Later, the screenwriter and designer Matt Colville explained that the failures had accompanied the game throughout the development, starting with disagreements with the bankrupt THQ about the financial model and ending with the restrictions of 2K Games on the release of updates.

In December 2021, Slamfire, owned by Turtle Rock Studios, announced its accession to Chinese Tencent.