Google Maps will show a view from bird's height to known sights

Google Maps will show a view from bird's height to known sights

Google intends to add a "photorealistic species from bird's altitude" to almost 100 locations of its Carta service. According to the technogiant, the new functionality will allow for detailed sightseeing in many of the world's major cities, including New York, London, Barcelona, San Francisco and Tokyo.

The opportunity to look at objects from above is not an analog of satellite maps, and will be a precursor to a more complex function that provides an exciting view with spectacular sightseeings and a mass of additional information, including weather data, traffic data and even interiors of the premises — Google's introduction was reported at Google I/O.

For the time being, the last function should be available for L.A., London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo "later this year," and while the release is preparing a simpler opportunity to evaluate the top view, how it will look in reality, Google offered to look at the GIF image.

In addition to the top view, other new functions will be added to Google Maps. For example, it will be possible to know whether a track is the main track, whether there is a step or a steep hill in the way, and whether it is likely to enter an area with heavy traffic. In addition, if someone has voluntarily shared their location, it will be possible to receive notification when the user reaches or leaves a location.

According to Google, the opportunity to assess the top view and to receive location notifications is already being implemented for Android and iOS. Access to updated information for cycling explorers will also begin to appear in the coming weeks.