Sony showed the option of the PlayStation VR2 garrison, which is a mode of transparency, convenient setting of the game zone, and so on

Sony showed the option of the PlayStation VR2 garrison, which is a mode of transparency, convenient

Preparations for the release of the virtual reality garrison PlayStation VR2 are well under way. Sony is preparing for this event for potential buyers, demonstrating the possibilities of a new product and describing the functions of the PS VR2 model.

Using PS VR2, the user will also be able to control the real world by switching to the view of the room by means of cameras integrated into the garage. This is, for example, quite convenient when the user intends to find game controllers without removing the helmet; it is sufficient to press a button on the garnish or to use a special section at the Control Centre to switch from 3D to real reality. Special sections also allow quick access to PS VR2 settings, such as the adaptation of the game area. However, video recording of the environment is not provided, the function is only available in view mode.

Another important feature is the ability to shoot yourself in the game environment using a PS5 HD Camera video game console. This is an opportunity to share interesting or amusing moments with comrades, such as a combination of video battles of a real hero with a virtual final boss.

The setting of the game zone can be done with either a gauze camera or game controllers. The cameras will allow scanning of the room and the PS VR2 Sense controllers will be able to adjust the game area to suit the environment and the individual style of the game.

In particular, when approaching a given boundary, the user will receive a warning. It is possible to change the settings according to the environment at any time, with any PS VR2 connection. Once the settings are maintained, they will remain if the user does not move to another game area.

For those who do not have enough, there is a change of VR- and "kinetic" modes. In VR Mode, users can enjoy virtual content with 360-degree view in a virtual environment. The content will be displayed with a resolution of 4,000 x 2040 pixels and a frequency of 90 or 120 Hz.

In Cinematical Mode, players will be able to view system data, settings and content that are not linked to VR media. In this case, the image will be shown with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, HDR and a 24 cd/s frame and frequency of 60 or 120 Hz.

The software developers for PS VR2 will have the best practices with the latest software updates. More information, including the release date, Sony promises to release in the near future.