Stock: Wireless Lenovo LP1 Pro headphones for a third of the price

Stock: Wireless Lenovo LP1 Pro headphones for a third of the price

Lenovo announced the launch of global sales of completely wireless Lenovo LP1 Pro headphones with active noise support, which can be used both for listening to music and for games. In honour of its debut, the company carries out an action in which the device will be available at a significant discount.

The Lenovo LP1 Pro is equipped with 10 mm metallic membrane dynamics that provide Hi-Fi sound between 20-20000 Hz. Support for AAC and SBC audiocodes has been implemented. The Impedance is 32 om. To connect to a mobile device, the Lenovo LP1 uses the Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which provides a low delay, which is important when using earphones for games. After the first connection to the sound source, the earphones will be automatically connected to the mobile device. You can also use individual earphone modules to listen to music.

Each Lenovo LP1 Pro module has two microphones that provide effective noise support, allowing phone calls to be made to the interviewer even in a noisy environment. The device uses a digital signal processing technology that supports noise and external sound recognition, ensuring high sound quality.

For protection against moisture and dust, headphones conform to IPX5, allowing them to take with them, without danger, for a walk or exercise in any, even rainy, weather. Headphones have ergonomic design and a small weight — only 3.5 g of each module, so even with prolonged wear, they will not cause discomfort.

Lenovo LP1 Pro works for up to 5 hours. If a charge case with a 250 mAh battery is used, the headphones will be available for up to 25 hours.

Lenovo LP1 Pro will be available in four color versions: black, silver, pink, and light blue.

As part of the stock at the original retail price of $21.57, Lenovo LP1 Pro headphones will only be available for $7.57, indicating ZV1C07OR5C.