Intel will start producing chips for MediaTek

Intel will start producing chips for MediaTek

MediaTek is one of the largest producers of processors, and its products are used in OnePlus and Samsung smartphones, written by Engadget. However, the company does not have any factories, almost all of which produce TSMC chips.

Under the MediaTek agreement, Intel Foundation Services is planned to produce chips for a number of intelligent peripheral devices, including the Internet of things and medicine.

"We have the right combination of advanced processes and geographically dispersed capacities to help MediaTek provide the next billion connected devices for various applications," said President IFS Randhir Takur.

Since last year, Intel has invested heavily in the development of the semiconductor business, and Chipmaker is building new factories in Arizona and Ohio, where the largest cluster in the world is being built.

In February, the company announced the purchase of a $5.4 billion oil chip by an Israeli manufacturer with factories in Israel, the United States, Italy, and Japan.