Turtle Rock opened up more than 20 vacancies to work on Back 4 Blood – the shooter will get a new plot content

Turtle Rock opened up more than 20 vacancies to work on Back 4 Blood – the shooter will get a new pl

California's Turtle Rock studio has published more than two dozen vacancies related to supporting a cooperative shooter, Back 4 Blood. The developers plan to add more plot content to the game and improve many of its components.

Among other studios, there is a need for a leading technical artist, a senior conceptual artist, a senior technical animator, a leading programmer, a network programmer, a senior technical producer, a junior producer in the map team, a leading screenwriter and a chief tester.

The announcements contain the following details:

  • The lead stager has to work on it. It is noted that this is about continuing the main story; the lead designer of the systems will be; the mission screenwriter's task is to create levels with designers, as well as to provide substantive support to the developers of different game systems and levels; the programmer of the AI will support and expand the core systems of the AI and develop new character behaviour algorithms.

Among other tasks are the enhancement of engine capabilities, the elimination of productivity problems, stability and cross-platform capabilities, and the improvement of the interface.

This month, Turtle Rock Studios confirmed that Back 4 Blood would receive a second addition, but did not reveal the date of its release. The creators hinted at the fifth act in which the cleaners would have to fight the apocalyptic sect, and shared an image with heroes against the background of the cultist settlement.

Back 4 Blood was released on October 12, 2021 on the PC.

At Steam, the shooter received over 29,000 reviews and scored 64%.

On April 12, the first payment supplement, "Tunnels of Terror", was released with two new controlled heroes, a PvE mode of Ridden Hives, as well as new types of obsessives, weapons, and alternative characters.