Tortured minds started deciphering robot languages from Stray

Tortured minds started deciphering robot languages from Stray

Stray's adventure from BlueTwelve brought the community's attention not only to its cat-oriented focus, but also to the unique cyberpank world, whose language the gamers are now trying to decipher.

As a reminder, Stray's events are taking place in a dead city where fate turns out to be the nameless protagonist of the game, a lonely stray cat.

Androids communicate in Stray in their own language, but the lines of the speakers and some signs to the main character translate his B-12 drone. At the same time, many of the messages in the game remain inaccessible from the outside.

As users have learned, Stray uses at least three alphabets for a variety of inscriptions: two of them test minds with Reddit have already deciphered , and the third is not yet capable.

Thanks to their research, fans were able to read headlines in local newspapers, ads on a vending machine and on television, and finally untranslated dredges.

The gamers were pleased that the developers had decided not to fill the game with a pointless cockroach, but to spend time thinking about the internal alphabets, but the questions remain.

Stray debuted on July 19, at the PC.

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