Scientists found the muscle gene and told us how to activate it

Scientists found the muscle gene and told us how to activate it

Researchers from the universities of Melbourne and Copenhagen studied molecular reactions in the muscles before, during and after various types of exercise.

According to researchers, they have found a gene that can open up alternative treatments even without exercise.

To determine how genes and proteins were activated during and after various exercises, the authors analysed the human skeletal muscles during different exercises, and Dr. Benjamin Parker, the lead author of the study, told them.

The team analysed how the signal responses in the muscles changed after different kinds of exercise, and how consistent these changes were in different people.

On this basis, they identified the previously unrecorded C18ORF25 gene, which was activated most often.

In order to test his work, the team designed the mice without this gene, and as a result they had a shortage of muscle fibers, which led to a weakening of muscles and a decline in physical performance, and vice versa, when they increased the activity of the genes, the muscles of the animals became stronger.

The authors stated that their work would help combat muscle atrophy and prevent and treat chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many cancers.