The player stumbled upon a secret location at Nier: Automata, which no one knew about -- the fashioners and the date designers were perplexed

The player stumbled upon a secret location at Nier: Automata, which no one knew about -- the fashion

==History==Datemineer and Utuber Lance McDonald reported in a microblog that the community of fashioners of Nier's philosophical action: Automata was confused by the recent discovery of one player.

The story began on June 11, when a rookie named Reddit asked how to get in. In a week, the user posted scripts of the location and video with the road there, and released a more detailed gameplay video on July 25.

Playing for the A2 android in the town's Replica, sadfutago approaches the wall, presses the interface button and hits the hidden area. Behind the secret door, Sadfutago finds a ladder that leads to the corridor, but the church itself does not show.

No one in this area has found anything like this in the five years since Nier: Automata was released, so the discovery of Sadfutago raised many questions.

The enthusiast was suspected of cheating: Sadfutago could create the secret location itself. However, Nier: Automata's modifications have not yet reached this level, so if it were to be a hidden area of someone's creation, it would still be a milestone.

It was later discovered that Sadfutago was playing the Disk Nier: Automata on the Wi-Fi blackout after the first end of the PS4. What exactly is the sequence of actions that unlocks the secret, doesn't even know the pioneer himself.

It is believed that in its version of the game Sadfutago came across a fragment of uncompleted location. In a cut from Nier: Automata iteration of "The City's Replications", for example, there was a church. However, the community has not yet come to a final conclusion.