Intel will produce chips for MediaTek based on 16 nm process

Intel will produce chips for MediaTek based on 16 nm process

Intel and MediaTek have entered into a strategic agreement within the Intel Foundation Services programme.

At the moment, the majority of MediaTek chips are produced by Taiwan's TSMC contract manufacturer. However, the designer of the scheme is looking for ways to diversify his supply chain by adding manufacturing capacity from the US and Europe. Intel has plants in both regions, so it has become a clear contender and now a partner of MediaTek in addressing this issue.

Intel did not report when the first delivery of the MediaTek chip began. However, the company had previously noted that the first sample chips for its clients would be released this year, and the mass circuit production of Intel 16 would begin early in 2023. MediaTek would supply more than 2 billion chips annually to the market. How many of this chips would now be released by Intel while it remained a mystery. Intel says that it does not provide data on its clients' orders.

Intel adapted the Intel 16 process by adding the possibility of using external EDA chip design tools that are different from Intel's own design tools to its capacity. In the company's view, this should increase the interest of external chip developers in its contractual production services.

The company plans to invest $20 billion in the development of its IFS contract chips programme. Among its first customers are Qualcomm and Amazon Web Services, as well as the US Department of Defense.

Intel has recently purchased $5.4 billion of veterans in the production of specialized chips based on mature processes, Tower Semiconducor, invested about $1 billion in the microprocessor ecosystem on the RICS-V architecture, says that it is possible, if necessary, to produce chips on Arm architectures, to license its technology to develop x86-compatible chips by outside companies, and to lure one of the top managers of TSMC to develop their IFS program.