The drone can keep an eye on you, and he won't have anything to do with it: why they're still out of control

The drone can keep an eye on you, and he won't have anything to do with it: why they're still out of

The criminal lawyer Bill Potts has stated that there is little law to protect people today when it comes to drone and drone surveillance.

Potts told me that his client was in a high-rise building on Main Beach, and she looked out the window when she was taking a shower, and there was a drone hanging about three metres from the window.

"She went downstairs to talk to the hotel manager, who replied to her that the drone controlled the building for technical reasons," he explained.

According to counsel, in such a case a complaint of harassment could have been filed with the police, but then it would have been necessary to prove that it was a deliberate act.

Are drones often watching people?

The Civil Aviation Security Authority has stated that it receives about 3,000 complaints per year about drone surveillance, but many of the authors do not want to speak publicly for fear of further harassment.

Juli-Enn Tarr, a lawyer and professor at the University of Technology of Queensland, wrote a book on UAV legislation and policy, which could have a negative impact on people's privacy.

According to Russian law, if a drone weighs more than 150 g, it needs to be recorded, so if a drone is 150 gp or less, it's just a small toy, but with the development and upgrading of technology, even it becomes a serious and sometimes dangerous device.

You can register the drone through public services. The procedure takes about three to five days and you have to send a drone number and a photo of it.

Professor Tarr also said that many types of unmanned aerial vehicles are still untraceable. Tiny drones are modern commercial devices that can make shots of high quality, so this is a matter of concern. On the other hand, drones are incredibly accessible: today you can buy a drone from your hands, online store, or even print your own 3D printer.

How to protect privacy at the legislative level?

In addition to standard laws on security, confidentiality and data protection, the registration of the owner, third-party insurance for operators and/or drone owners, and the requirement to maintain an action log, Tarr stated.

Experts on domestic violence among women were also concerned that loopholes in legislation could be used by former partners to threaten victims with a drone with a camera.

For example, Australia now has a Domestic Violence Act and refers to the use of surveillance equipment.

"So it covers modern forms of technology, but it is not clear whether drones fall within the definition used in this law," said Julie Sarkozy, a lawyer at the Women's Legal Service.

Can drones fly and not disrupt their privacy?

The Google Alphabet parent company has made Logan a place where all are delivered with drones, and there are thousands of test flights.

The representative of Wing Australia, Jesse Suskin, stated that there had been no complaints about privacy, during which time the company had been able to deliver some 250,000 parcels, ranging from hamburgers to medicines.

According to him, the point is that the delivery drones do not use high-resolution images in their work and do not broadcast directly.

He said that Wing's drone cameras were only activated in emergencies, and even in that case, the camera was filming in low quality and shades of gray, so people weren't to know.