EK Water Blocks presented components of LSOs coated with real gold

EK Water Blocks presented components of LSOs coated with real gold

The Slovenian company EK Water Blocks, a known developer of liquid-cooling systems, reported an expansion in the range of gold-coated accessories.

We've already talked about some of these things, and now there's more detail. EK, in particular, emphasizes that the coating is made of real gold, not just mimics the precious yellow metal. "," notes the EC.

The family includes EK-Quantum Velocity2 for Intel processors in LGA1700 and AMD chips in AM4. Such solutions use the OptiFlow architecture and the EK-Matrix7 standard, which provides that the height increase or distance between ports is 7 mm. The EK-Exact Mount installation system facilitates fastening. There is multicolor lighting.

In addition, the gold covers of the EK-Quantum Convention D5 and DDC have been obtained. The first is designed for D5 pump; it has an opening for hidden cable laying. The second version serves as an additional radiator.

A radiator for the solid storage device EK-Quantum Convention M.2 NVMe with a gold surface is also provided. The product is intended to be used with a unilateral and bilateral SSD format M22280. Further details on the radiator can be found in our material.

The complete list of EC gold products is available here.