Sleeping bears have an unusual substance in their bloodstream

Sleeping bears have an unusual substance in their bloodstream

Researchers from Japan took a blood serum from seven bears who had fallen asleep and added it to the tissue culture made of human cells, as a result of which they saw that the protein content in the cells had increased 24 hours later.

At the same time, there was a decline in the production of the regulatory protein, which is activated during the extinction of the non-use muscles.

These cellular changes only occurred if the blood of the bears was used in the hibernation. When the active black bears took blood in the summer, the serum did not stop the natural degradation of the protein in the cells of the human skeletal muscles.

If people lay in one place for as long as a black bear, the muscles would start to deplete because of a lack of physical activity. But bears remain as strong. For many years now, scientists have been trying to figure out how this superpower works.

Now the team wants to identify the factor contained in the sleeping bear serum, which will help us understand the unexplored mechanism underlying the muscles, which is still strong even if they are not used.