Cadillac officially introduced a $300,000 CELESTIQ luxurious electric vehicle

Cadillac officially introduced a $300,000 CELESTIQ luxurious electric vehicle

The Cadillac Award-Brand decided to open a curtain over its flagship electric car project. The car was called CELESTIQ and, as previously reported, an impressive price tag of $300,000. The photo and video have so far presented only an exhibition sample, but the serial version will be at least different from it.

Cadillac is positioning CELESTIQ as an "ultratrosonic" flagship model. The company's main technical features are still unsolved, but it has described other features of the machine, such as manual materials, full drive, steering of all four wheels, as well as a new generation of Ultra Cruise driver assistance systems. The electric vehicle will be built on the Ultium platform from General Motors.

The driver and all the passengers will feel as comfortable in the car compartment as possible. For example, the roof is installed on the roof, which means that everyone can individually set their own level of transparency on the roof.

There is a set of five high-resolution sensor displays on board, and in particular a monolithic 55" instrument panel screen, one of the benefits of which will be . This solution will allow a passenger in the front seat to view the video without distracting the driver. The screens are also incorporated into the rear parts of front seat head restraints and sensor display consoles between the seats of both rows.

The car will be sold in 2024 and will run as a 2025 model, and will be sold as a Motor Authority.