In the new Windows 11 test assembly, simultaneous work with a large number of applications was simplified

In the new Windows 11 test assembly, simultaneous work with a large number of applications was simpl

Microsoft continues to regularly release test versions of Windows 11 for participants in the pre-assessment program. This time, the collection number 25163 was released early on, which introduced a new multi-task function, some enhancements for file sharing, and numerous corrections aimed at increasing the stability of the operating system.

The most notable change in the presentation of Windows 11 is the return of the task panel overfilling support. The developer's message notes that the task panel in the OS has been designed to provide the most convenient way to switch between applications and their launch in limited space. In the new version of the OS, the taskbar automatically changes to overfill mode when the icons are no longer placed in space.

In overcrowding mode, a new button will be created by clicking on which the user will access the application labels that are not on the main task panel. It is noted that the overfill menu supports many of the taskbar functions, such as locking the application, viewing the transition list, and drawing an extended application interface. To close the overfill menu, click once with a mouse italics outside.

At the same time, the Nearby Sharing function has been improved in the new Windows 11 assembly. Developers have improved the detection of devices on the network using this function, using the UDP protocol. Also in Windows 11, it has been possible to quickly upload the local file into the OneDrive cloud through the system window "Sharing" and to set the general access parameters without having to open the OneDrive application.

The developers, along with the innovations, have made a number of corrections to improve the stability of the OS. The bug has been corrected, which sometimes caused a failure in the extlorer.exe while moving the tabs. The developers have made other corrections as well as published a list of known problems. You can see them on the official blog.