Chinese scientists created a laser pen that writes by air

Chinese scientists created a laser pen that writes by air

Physicists from the Hongtuo High Speed Laser Laboratory in Uhani developed a laser that creates images floating in the air. By means of ultra-short laser pulses, the device removes electrons from air gas molecules and causes them to glow.

The device works by focusing high-intensity laser pulses in the air to create plasma or ionized gas that emits energy in the form of light. Researchers have explained that they used a 3D scanner to position pixel points and form symbols exactly in the air, but have not explained how it works.

The short pulses that shape the image last only a few femtoseconds. Because of the extremely short duration of exposure, the peak power of the laser pen can reach a million MW. The average input power of the device is just a few dozen W, making it available in daily conditions.

Physicists plan to improve their technology. By increasing control over laser pulse distribution, they can create more bright and full-colored images in the air.

The designers believe that this technology will be used in high precision production, brain visualization, medicine, and quantum computing.

Image on the cover: Hongtuo Joint Laboratory