Next year Toyota plans to present light trucks on hydrogen fuel cells in Japan

Next year Toyota plans to present light trucks on hydrogen fuel cells in Japan

Toyota's car giant will join forces with three other partners to develop light electric trucks on hydrogen fuel cells, which should be on Japan's roads next year.

As the company's representatives recently stated, it intends to work with Isuzu, Hino Motors and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation to achieve its goal, while Isuzu and Hino confirmed the company's statement.

It is expected that light, environmentally friendly trucks will be used to deliver goods from supermarkets and shopping centres to consumers, the best option in cases where multiple long-distance deliveries are required during the day, among other things, the company has identified rapid reloading as a requirement for this segment.

According to Toyota, fuel cells are operating on hydrogen, which has a high "energy density" and zero carbon emissions and is considered extremely efficient under such operating conditions, and companies report that market access is scheduled for January next year, light hydrogen trucks will be used in the Fukushima prefecture and other projects in Tokyo.

==History==Hino Motors is a member of the Toyota Group, and CJPT is jointly founded by Isuzu, Toyota and Hino in 2021. Toyota began working on fuel cells as early as 1992, and in 2014 she introduced the Mirai sedan on similar cells. In addition to this, the company had to put its hand on the development of larger hydrogen transport, including the Sora bus and heavy truck prototypes. In addition to the use of fuel cells, the company is looking for hydrogen applications directly in internal combustion engines. Recently, the Japanese authorities, under the pressure of Toyota, actually had to equate them to electric vehicles and hybrids with the possibility of external charging.

On Tuesday, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Toyota and CJPT announced plans to release electric battery minivans in the fiscal year 2023, which are also planned to be used in the Fukushima Prefecture and Tokyo social projects. Although Toyota is well known for hybrid hydrogen transport, the company is also trying to enter the clean electric vehicle market, dominated by companies like Volkswagen and Tesla.