The Russian enthusiast equipped the robot with a Kalashnikov machine gun -- fortunately, it doesn't shoot too well

The Russian enthusiast equipped the robot with a Kalashnikov machine gun -- fortunately, it doesn't

Recently, there was a video of a robotic woman who had a Kalashnikov machine mounted on her back and was shooting at targets, and it appeared that network enthusiasts were actively searching for its source and quickly discovered that the content was loaded with Russian inventor and businessman Alexander Atamanov, who was involved in the exclusively peaceful development of flying cars and motorcycles.

According to The Verge's website, the founder of Hoversurf, Alexander Atamanov, downloaded both the video and the corresponding photo of a robot with a high-resolution machine. According to the video, it is only a "finished" robot Unitree and it is not even known if such a model is capable of targeting and/or firing in autonomous mode.

In 2019, the founder of Hoversurf published his own video, where the businessman was shooting with the same lining on his shoulder, and in February 2022, a month before the publication of the video with the dog, published a photograph of his own game with the robot Unitree bringing a cup of coffee.

According to The Verge, it's not like we're talking about serious combat development -- these robots can be programmed for qualitative compensation, which the video says hasn't done. Most likely it's just about a rich man's toy. According to the publication, Atamanov himself hasn't responded to the request yet.

These are just a few examples: in other words, the question is not whether robotics and similar machines will be used for military purposes, but only when it will occur on a significant scale.

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