South Korea locates 50% of supplies for chip production by 2030

South Korea locates 50% of supplies for chip production by 2030

The Government of South Korea has announced a plan to locate half of the supply of materials, components and equipment for the production of semiconductors by 2030; local sources now account for only 30% of the supply, write Reuters, thereby reducing its dependence on external suppliers and increasing local production.

South Korea ' s plans, where the leading producers of the Samsung and SK hynix memory scheme are located, are aimed at increasing the stability of the supply chains of resources and components within the country; according to the Ministry of Industry of South Korea, about 20% of the equipment and 50% of the materials used by the country to produce the scheme come from local suppliers.

"", noted the South Korean agency, adding that the unstable geopolitical situation in the world continued to affect supplies.

The Ministry has also announced that from next year, the Government and the private sector will allocate 300 billion South Korean won to the development of an artificial intelligence microscheme.

It is noted that investments will also be made to build and expand the necessary infrastructure for micro-scheme production, and the South Korean Government will also consider expanding tax incentives for infrastructure investment in large technology companies.