The U.S. military has set up an "Anomaly Agency" to deal with UFOs and not just the UFOs

The U.S. military has set up an "Anomaly Agency" to deal with UFOs and not just the UFOs

The world is becoming more and more like a video game or a fantastic blockbuster. In the Pentagon, a new agency was formed to expand research into "unidentified aerial phenomena" or UAPs, previously called "unidentified flying objects" - UFOs.

The new agency is called the Agency for the Comprehensive Study of Unusualities.

According to Newsweek, the formation of AARO has resulted in both the "renaming" of AOMSG and the "expanding mission" under the National Defence Appropriations Act for the current fiscal year, and it is believed that the new name better reflects the nature and scope of the mission of the new agency, which, in addition to air objects, will deal with anomalies in space, air, water and other environments.

Previously, the Pentagon had stated that the Ministry of Defence was constantly receiving reports on the intrusion of identified and unidentified sites into military-controlled zones, and every case received much attention, as such incursions could pose a threat to the national security of the country.

In the picture, a screen shot of a fighter's cameras from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, these are the same objects as the American military's "unidentified aerial phenomena".

According to the Pentagon, AARO will be responsible for synchronizing the interaction between the Department of Defense and other U.S. departments and agencies in order to detect, identify and classify objects of interest that appear in special areas under military responsibility.

The main activities of AARO will be monitoring, information gathering and reporting, intelligence operations and analysis, as well as other activities, including even "prevention and defeat." In a special note dated 20 July, the Pentagon leaders informed about the change in the name and scope of the agency and why this was necessary.

In May 2022, the Pentagon reported to the United States Congress 400 observations of unidentified objects, none of which referred to the activities of alien civilizations.