Ilon Mask: To switch to renewable energy, mankind does not need new battery manufacturing technologies

Ilon Mask: To switch to renewable energy, mankind does not need new battery manufacturing technologi

There are press releases about the interest of large car manufacturers, in collaboration with young companies developing new battery technologies or proposing more advanced battery chemistry. Ilon Mask is convinced that this is not necessary for a complete transition to renewable energy.

Traditionally, Tesla's head made a self-confident statement at a recent quarterly report, and he said that he often had to hear such questions, and he did not believe that there was a technological breakthrough in the manufacture of batteries to make a complete transition to renewable energy. Even if the technologies of battery production had not advanced from the current level, mankind could be completely converted to renewable energy, as the billionaire had convinced.

The real problem is the rate of scale-up of battery production at all stages of the technology chain, from the extraction of minerals to the production of ready-made battery cells. The faster the output is increased, the sooner humankind approaches the transition to renewable energy.

There are no problems of shortage of minerals for battery production either, as Ilon Mask added. The world is full of lithium, simply producing and processing capacity falling short of the growing needs of the market. The abundance of iron, Mask believes, will lead in the long term to two thirds of lithium batteries being produced using iron phosphate in their composition, and a small portion of the batteries will be manganese. For fixed storage systems, the so-called LFP batteries based on iron phosphate will suffice, and nickel will be used in batteries for vehicles with a large range of travel and aviation, for example.

According to Tesla, LFP batteries are also cheaper to produce, which, combined with the abundance of raw materials, will lead to their dominance in the market. Ilon Mask even ironically compared the Earth with a rusty metal balloon, because iron and oxygen are the most common chemical elements on the planet in mass terms.

It was not the first time that Ilon Mask had called on entrepreneurs to process lithium because it was profitable to have coins, he said. In describing progress in the use of 4680 cells, Tesla had admitted that the Texas plant was still using this type of battery, although the equipment for its production had already been installed. The first batches of batteries based on this type of cell had already been released in Texas, but would only go into the series this quarter. By the end of the year, Texas would have produced more batteries based on 4680 cells than on an experimental line in California.