Western viewers destroyed Arc A380's video map — how could Intel produce such a raw product?

Western viewers destroyed Arc A380's video map — how could Intel produce such a raw product?

Intel Arc A380's video maps finally reached some Western viewers who immediately identified a number of problems with this accelerator, and we've already written that the new one isn't at all capable of extracting cryptovalites, but it's not the biggest problem with this video map, it's much bigger than that.

Also from earlier Chinese reviews, it became known that Arc A380 is not a video game map at all. It does not even reach the budget of Radeon RX 6400. However, as the Russian YouTube tests of PRO Hi-Tech showed, the race does a little bit to correct the situation, and the Intel is able to reach GeForce GTX 1650.

The weak side of Arc A380 is its software, with which there is just a huge number of problems. The viewers wonder how Intel could even produce a product as raw. For starters, the new one has a problem with the fan's operation: it spins at the speed it wants. Sometimes 700 rpm, sometimes 1,500 rpm. There is no dependence. It also doesn't work normally when the fans stop at zero load. Sometimes it works right after the games start.

The other program problem is that without the Resizable BAR function being activated, it's simply impossible to play. Intel Arc A380 is very often confronted with fries. As you can see in the graph below, the frame time is 280 ms and higher. The picture just hangs up, and the picture is regular. With the Resizable BAR, the situation is a little better, but still the fries happen.

Also without a Resizable BAR, the FPS is heavily sniffing through the FPS. In individual games, the technology generates an increase in productivity to 84%, and without it, the FPS will be too low. Add that the Intel driver does not support the activation of the Resizable BAR on the Ryzen systems. In addition, the games simply "go out" to the PC, where Ryzen and Intel are neighbors. Therefore, it is not possible to use the Arc A380 video card in the AMD systems. The Intel processors are not much better off.

In some games, the video card shows itself very well, but it's not doing very well with others. In particular, there's a lot of trouble with DirectX 11 games. So in DirectX 12 video cards, Arc A380 is only 2% behind Radeon RX 6400. On the contrary, in DirectX 11 games, the gap is 8% on average, but in individual games, the difference is over 20%.