Intel Arc A380 does not support engineering

Intel Arc A380 does not support engineering

Intel Arc A380, a discrete graphic booster, has reached some Western viewers. It appears that the video card currently does not support Ethereum software.

," wrote a popular DJ Mines video account on Twitter.

The market is not going through the best of times, the profit of video-carding is also in great question, and the prices of Arc A380, at least for a while, are likely not to be influenced by the high demand from the miners.

The poor optimization of Intel Arc drivers also does not make this accelerator a good choice for games. However, as practice has shown, the manual distribution of the video card literally "gives her second breath" and allows her to reach GeForce GTX 1650, a higher class video card.

Outside China, Intel Arc A380 is still not available for sale. In the Sky-Sky Video Card, it was also only recently released into a retail, where it was offered for approximately $193.