The State Duma proposed criminalizing identity theft

The State Duma proposed criminalizing identity theft

Alexander Hinstein, head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications, presented this initiative at a press conference, and TASS quoted it.

"I believe that the theft of personal data, especially with any consequences, should be subject to criminal punishment," suggested the deputy. "In the current administrative legislation, the blame seems to be disproportionate to the gravity of the offence."

Work was already under way to increase the penalties for such crimes, as Hinstein reminded the Ministry of Statistics and Roskomnadzor that draft legislation was being prepared.

These initiatives aim to criminalize the theft of data and their subsequent illegal transfer, as well as to strengthen the administrative responsibility for diversions already in place, noted the politician.

In addition, Hinstein added that the Government of the Russian Federation was in favour of introducing negotiable fines for companies that had leaked personal data.