A Chinese-made car operates entirely on solar power

A Chinese-made car operates entirely on solar power

In China, companies have joined forces to develop a new electric car, and the uniqueness of the car is that it works at 100% of solar power, but it's just a concept car right now.

Solar energy and nothing but solar energy

Most automakers occasionally present the concept car, often with different innovations, but never serially produced. For example, in 2021, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan introduced a car that was simultaneously autonomous and connected to the brain of the person in it.

In China, a new concept car has recently appeared on the news. As the CneVpost media explains in an article of July 8, 2022 and in a video at the end of the article, the car in question has impressive photographic panels on the roof. First of all, the car is completely solar and therefore uses no other type of energy.

Despite a rather unusual appearance, the surface area of the car ' s solar batteries is about 8 m2. This means that it can produce 7.6 kW/h per day, provided that the sun shines. In terms of characteristics, a Chinese car is modest at 79.2 km/h and a maximum range of 74.8 km. According to project managers, the vehicle reduces CO2 emissions by 25 kg per 100 km. In addition, it is alleged that the vehicle is equipped with a 4+ level self-driving software.

Future context for commercialization?

What is the future of this 100% solar electric vehicle? There is still nothing to be said, but the development of the prototype has nevertheless mobilized engineers from about 40 companies and teams from three Chinese universities for five months, although the car is currently considered only as a concept car, it is likely that it will be widely sold in the near future.