Found the ruins of the lost city of Parthian Kingdom

Found the ruins of the lost city of Parthian Kingdom

The University of Heidelberg in Germany and the Iraqi archaeologists found in Kurdistan, Iraq, the ruins of the ancient fortress of Rabin-Merkuli, which, according to a preliminary assessment by scientists, could have been part of the great royal city of Natunia, which was part of the kingdom of Adiaben, one of the vassals of the Parthian kingdom.

Raban Merkuli's mountain fortress was spread around Mesopotamia some 2,000 years ago, and in a new study scientists learned more about the structures of settlements and the history of the parthians, which are surprisingly little known by scientists, but they are known as a very large power.

On the south-west slopes of Mount Piramagrun in the Zagros, the stone fortress of Raban Merculi includes not only nearly four kilometres of reinforcements, but also two small settlements to which it is named; because of its high location, mapping of the site was possible only with drones.

In numerous excavations, an international team of researchers was able to examine archaeological remains on site, and the buildings that have been preserved to date involve military use and include the remnants of several rectangular buildings that may have served as barracks.