Tesla's oldest company released two million electric vehicles

Tesla's oldest company released two million electric vehicles

Tesla has yet to cross the line of 1.5 million electric vehicles produced annually, but the company's oldest company in California recently released a two-million-dollar car, forcing Tesla Ilon Mask's head to draw public attention to this joyous event.

Until 2010, the company in Fremont worked for GM and Toyota Motor, but the latter eventually acted as Tesla's ransom partner, limiting the cost of the young electric car manufacturer at that time to $8 million. Subsequently, Ilon Mask pointed out that the construction of the new plant was much more efficient than the refurbishment of the existing one, followed by the construction of the new Tesla assembly sites "from zero." The Shanghai plant, which opened in 2019, is now the largest supplier of Tesla electric car outside the United States and the first Chinese car assembly plant, which is wholly owned by a foreign investor.

Now, at a company in Fremont, the company manufactures up to 100,000 Model S and Model X electric vehicles per year, and this is the only place to assemble them, because all new Tesla enterprises are developing more accessible Model 3 and Model Y. However, in California, the latter also gather for North American domestic markets, up to 500,000 per year.

This spring Tesla launched a collection of Model Y crossovers at new businesses in Berlin and Texas, the last of the sites will eventually host all new brand products, including Optimus human-like robots, Cybertruck pickup trucks, Semi trunk tractors and automatic taxis.

Ilon Mask congratulated not only Tesla of California, but also Nevada, which specializes in the production of traction batteries and electric motors in cooperation with Panasonic. Tesla's quarterly report will be published this week, probably providing up-to-date information on the performance of all the companies currently operating.