Porsche is preparing a large electric SUV with three rows of seats

Porsche is preparing a large electric SUV with three rows of seats

In a recent interview, the head of Porsche, Oliver Bloom, confirmed that the German car manufacturer was planning to release a fully electrical SUV that would be a higher class than Cayenne and Macan, and that the work was expected to be accelerated due to delays in Macan's release due to software development problems.

In recent years, Porsche, which has made its name on legendary cars such as Cayenne, Boxster and 911 Turbo, is gradually shifting to electric vehicles. The transition has begun with the popular Taycan line and is likely to continue with the release of the electric Macan. It is expected that by 2030, 80% of the cars produced by the company will be driven by electric power, half of the sales will be made by electric cars as early as 2025. Early news has come that the subsidiary Volkswagen Group, Cariad, has software development problems that could affect the production schedule of the Porsche Macan electric SUV and the Audi Q6 E-tron related model, which was planned for release next year.

Porsche's release to the IPO is extremely important for the "parent" Volkswagen Group, in particular to finance electric vehicle projects. According to data, Oliver Bloom confirmed that the company intends to release a model of an electric SUV with the code name K1 as long as it is in the middle of this decade. He said that the production of the car would take place on the Leipzig production line, which would strengthen the company's position in the luxury car segment.

It is expected that some of the technologies presented in the Mission R concept model last year, including plastic reinforced with natural fibres instead of classical carbon fibre, a new electrical system and an improved battery, are expected to be new, although Porsche itself did not confirm the use of these additional components, but reported that the new SUV could use three rows of seats for the first time for the company's cars.

Despite the postponement of the release of the fully electrical Macan, Bloom is counting on intensive electrification during the current decade, and even shared plans to introduce another electric vehicle beyond the yet-to-finished SUV and the Taycan model.

It now includes two-seat Boxster and Cayman, so their electrical versions can be available by mid-decade. This could be important news for investors because Porsche is about to enter public bidding in the fourth quarter of this year. It is expected that this will provide the Volkswagen Group with the means to switch to electric transport. The autoconcern has set an ambitious goal of overtaking the sale of electric vehicles by the leader of the industry, Tesla, by 2024.