VKontakte launched personal digital avatars vmoji

VKontakte launched personal digital avatars vmoji

Neuronets are able to recreate the image of a person in the virtual world as realistically as possible. To create their character, it will be enough to upload a photo or make a selfie.

Then, based on its digital "version", the user can create a unique set of stickers and share them in all services that are part of the VK ecosystem.

"The stickers will help to express themselves online, to feel closer to the interviewees by showing their own style or sense of humor," says a press release in "Stream." "You can share emotions with a personal set of stickers in VK Messenger chat rooms, stories and videos, comments on VKontakte publications."

If you want, users can castomize the appearance of their avatar, which can be adjusted manually or replaced by something separate — for example, face, skin, hair, or clothing.

A set of virtual avatar stickers can be created in an updated version of the VKontakte application. A basic set of vmoji stickers is available free of charge.

vmoji announced in June the director of VKontakte, Alexander Tobol, in the framework of the 25th Petersburg International Economic Forum, which he said would be the first step in the social network towards building its own digital universe.

"In the future, too, the avatar will be able to replace the user during videoconferences if, for example, the quality of the network does not allow the video to be broadcast," said the Director of Technology, VKontakte.