Very rare twin giraffes were born in Kenya

Very rare twin giraffes were born in Kenya

Kenya's Minister of Wildlife reported on Tuesday that the Masai giraffe in Nairobi National Park had rare twins. "This is an extremely rare phenomenon," Najib Balala wrote in Twitter. He also published a photograph of a female who watches her offspring.

One of the Maasai giraffes in Nairobi National Park Has given byth to a set of tanks. This is an extremely rare investigation. We come the new borns with Love. #ZuruNairobiPark #MagicalKenya

Giraffes are listed in the 2016 International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red Book of endangered wild animals as "a endangered species".

According to the Giraffe Conservation Fund, only about 117,000 giraffes remained in the wild, and the number of giraffes in Africa has declined sharply by 30 per cent over the past 30 years.

The Nairobi National Park is only seven kilometres away from the centre of Kenya's capital and attracts tourists to its wild nature, including lions, leopards, rhinoceros and buffalo.

The giraffe's pregnancy lasts 15 months, they give birth standing and babies fall to the ground at a height of almost two metres, a newborn calf larger than the average adult.

There are only a few twin births worldwide, most of which have not survived.