Dubai reported plans to create 40,000 jobs in the metaverse

Dubai reported plans to create 40,000 jobs in the metaverse

Dubai intends to enter the top 10 economies as part of a new strategy that plans to deploy 40,000 virtual jobs, with five years to complete the project, and the industry is expected to add $4 billion of GDP to the city's economy during this period.

According to Bloomberg, the local government intends to set world standards in building reliable and safe platforms for users, building infrastructure, and developing legal norms to accelerate the introduction of new technologies.

The plan is presented by Dubai's senior management and is aimed, among other things, at attracting new block companies to the region — five more in five years — and over 1,000 companies are already operating in the city for projects related to the metallurgical and/or block-chamber sector, with a contribution of $500 million a year to the local economy.

According to local media, the strategy emphasizes the need to support talent and attract investment in future opportunities, which requires support for metallurgical education for developers, content creators and users of digital platforms.

The local largest companies are already actively mastering the metallurgy, in particular the Emirates have announced their intention to increase the use of appropriate technologies, and the Damac Group is planning to build whole virtual cities. The Medical Tumbay will deploy the hospital to the metaverse for virtual consultations in the next few months.

The Dubai authorities are also actively cooperating with cryptoval companies from around the world, and some of the influential crypto and financial and technological organizations, including Binance and FTX, have already been licensed to operate in the city.