Mastercard will protect the operations of quantum technology maps

Mastercard will protect the operations of quantum technology maps

Mastercard and D-Wave have announced cooperation in quantum computing. Partners have entered into a multi-year strategic alliance aimed at accelerating development and implementing solutions using quantum computers. The ability of quantum platforms to process much more data than classical computers promises infinitely many opportunities for customers and financial organizations.

Canada's D-Wave company has been developing quantum computers for about two decades based on the technology of so-called quantum burns. Such systems are not universal and cannot perform arbitrary algorithms. Quantum burns are designed to optimize, for example, finding optimal routes for the delivery of goods. Together with Mastercard, D-Wave specialists will create solutions for financial areas such as consumer loyalty and rewards, cross-border calculations and fraud detection.

Because D-Wave platforms are highly specialized, hybrid solutions will come to help that can handle both classical and quantum algorithms. Financial applications for Mastercard services will work through the D-Wave quantum cloud service. This will provide real-time access to quantum applications.

" said Ken Moore, Director of Innovation Mastercard.

D-Wave is currently using and supplying the world ' s most productive quantum Advantage systems with 5,000 cubic metres. It will be replaced by Adventage 2 with 7,000 cubes with a new architecture. At the same time, it must be understood that these are specialized solutions that require hybrid computers that are also working on D-Wave. However, companies also promise to develop a universal quantum computer over time. It can be expected that Mastercard will gradually adopt all the best D-Wave designs and intend to stay on the edge of progress.