Media: Half of the employees left Perfect Dark in a year

Media: Half of the employees left Perfect Dark in a year

The Initiative is an internal studio called Microsoft, which is currently working on the Perfect Dark rebutte. Later, Crystal Dynamics, owned by Square Enix, has joined the development. Previously, it has been reported that assistants are not involved in the most important details of the shooter, but according to VGC, CD plays a more important role in connection with mass dismissals in The Initiative.

Journalists conducted their own analysis and explained that in the past year, the Initiative had left about 34 people, all of whom held key development positions, including two senior writers, several designers, leaders, and even a game director, Dan Neuburger. According to LinkedIn, there were less than 50 people left in the studio.

Among the reasons that forced former employees to leave The Initiative is the lack of creative freedom and the slow pace of development. It is said that Neiburger and the head of Darrell Gallagher (Darrell Gallagher) built the work process "upstairs" – a strong control over creative decisions, ignoring the suggestions of colleagues – a attitude that is contrary not only to the name of the studio (Initiative in English – initiative), but also to corporate principles – the website says that the company is in favour of a collective creative process.

Also, a wave of resignations coincided with the invitation of Crystal Dynamics to work on Perfect Dark. Based on these data, it can be assumed that the studio is taking on much more responsibilities than previously reported. Former employees point out that problems in the team started soon after the outside studio was connected. The bosses hoped that this step would accelerate the work, but the impact was reversed.

However, The Initiative is confident of the rest of the team and the new colleagues, who wished all of them success and stressed that progress and cooperation with Crystal Dynamics was good.

All former studio staff do not understand why Microsoft was so condescending about the lack of progress. VGC writes that the company is willing to give its studios the "first echelon" as long as it takes to create high-budget games at the Naughty Dog and Insomniac levels of Sony.

So all the problems on Perfect Dark's back are not exactly the brightest picture. It's probably not gonna work next year, and a massive team change can trigger a soft restart at all.