In its first week of early access, Core Keeper, which brings together Terraria and Stardew Valley, sold over 250,000 copies

In its first week of early access, Core Keeper, which brings together Terraria and Stardew Valley, s

A week ago, on March 8, Steam's early release, Core Keeper released the "Terraria" and "Stardew Valley" mix, which proved successful enough for Fireshine Games and Pugstorm to boast more than 250,000 copies sold, 100,000 of which were purchased in the first two days.

In addition, Core Keeper's relative popularity is indicated by the peak online population of 32446, which she achieved only yesterday. In addition, financial success is supported by a warm reception of players, as evidenced by 93% of positive reviews at the Valve store.

On the Steam sales chart last week, Core Keeper ranked fourth, down from Steam Deck and both Elden Ring.

♪ Huge news! ♪ We're told that Core Keeper has no soold over 250,000 units with the first week of getting on Steam Earthly Access. We should look at you for all of your support - the community's response to the Game has been incredible!

Are you interested in the game?

The ultimate goal is to reveal the secret of an ancient nuclear whose food needs to be maintained by resources, and the resources will also be useful for building a base, making equipment and growing food, all of which will help to explore procedurally generated locations.

You can play alone and online with up to eight users.

Other Core Keeper elements:

  • Many types of resources, including ores, crystals, fossils and values. Food preparation, including grown plants and caught fish. Diverse biomes, inhabited by cave creatures. The ability to change the image of a character.

So far, the game can take place around the middle -- both on the keyboard/mice and on the controller -- and so far three bosses and over 140 items have been declared.

Among other things, early access will provide the game with the following:

  • New biomes, enemies and bosses. New objects that can be found and scrapped. New plot elements, including the second stage of the mystery of Yadra and the ending. New game mechanics for cooking, farming, rugging and building the base. Changes and improvements in the game design based on community feedback. Support for additional languages (Russian is not yet available).

Release Core Keeper from early access is due to be released before the end of 2022.

By March 15, 21:00 Moscow time, the game can be purchased at a discount of 10% for $5 after full-time release (unknown to what extent).